Job. D. Grash  

About artist

Grash was receptive and sensitive to various musical genres. She writes lyrics and music and interprets compositions herself on the guitar. As a child she first played the violin, then guitar, piano and violoncello. She wrote her first pieces in her early childhood and at the age of 14 she started performing publicly at various students´clubs in Gdansk.

In this period she experienced a deep change in her intellectual and emotional world, shifting from being a young atheist into a sincere Christian. This new conviction of hers soon influenced the lyrics of her songs. She was said to have been preaching by music. At that time her genre was somewhere between pop and jazz and did not fit into sacred places, which is why she often performed in non religious environment and only later in churches. Grash has written over 150 songs. In 1978 Grash released her album "I´d like to be your voice" in London and in 1991 she recorded an audiocassette "Portrait" in Krakow. Nowadays she is preparing a CD of her latest songs. She writes lyrics in her mother tongue - Polish.

We can enter Grash´s rich inner world through her works of art and music presented on this website.

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